• 3 men arrested on May Day face felony assault on officer charges

    By: Maria Guerrero


    SEATTLE - Three alleged May Day troublemakers appeared in court Saturday.

    Out of the 10 people arrested, the three men face felony charges for assaulting Seattle police officers.

    Before the proceedings, Judge Vicki Seltz ruled media cameras in the courtroom could not show the men’s faces so as to not prematurely identify them.

    The men also had supporters in the court’s viewing room.

    Even before the three men appeared in court one man in the audience tried to block KIRO 7’s camera.

    Arrik Riechal appeared before the judge on investigation of assault on two police officers.

    His bail was set at $25,000.

    Joseph Michael Vaughn is accused of assaulting one police officer on May Day.

    His bail was lowered to $5,000 after his girlfriend pleaded with the judge.

    "He does not have a violent history and it was a situation that was out of our control," she said in court.

    Michael Leatherwood appeared before the judge in shackles.

    He's accused of assaulting one police officer on May Day.     

    He's homeless and is trying to get help for mental health problems, according to the attorney representing him.

    His bond was set at $25,000 dollars.

    Outside, Holly Johnson, a so-called anarchist - told us none of the men are criminals.

    “When someone is faced with someone with a gun and riot gear and they're in that kind of situation and you're getting thrown to the ground, what would be your reaction?" she asked.

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