• $2 million bail for Pioneer Square stabbing suspect

    By: Deborah Horne


    SEATTLE - Donnell Jackson, 44, declined to be there for his first court appearance.


    KIRO got his booking photo from Las Vegas, where he was charged with several petty crimes.


    Jackson is accused of randomly stabbing Kristen Ito after trying to grab her purse. Her boyfriend, Shoreline Community College instructor Troy Wolff, intervened and was stabbed to death.


    The prosecutor argued for a $2 million bail, saying Jackson is dangerous. But his court-appointed defense attorney Maureen McKee argued for leniency, citing his mental instability.


    "It may make sense for Mr. Jackson to start receiving mental health services as soon as possible, which he is not going to receive in the jail," said McKee.


    The judge was not convinced.


    "That is the least of the court's concerns at this point," said King County District Court Judge Arthur Chapman. "Two million dollars is imposed."


    The savagery of the attack and Wolff's death have sent shockwaves throughout the city especially since the couple didn't know Jackson and was leaving a Seattle Sounders game.


    "After over 30 years of law enforcement experience in this city, this is to me is an extremely shocking event," said Assistant Police Chief Nick Metz.

    At a news conference in the mayor's office, Metz said Jackson was a stranger to them, too.

    "No arrests, no tickets, anything like that," said Metz. "Our crisis intervention team has no record of any interaction with him."


    Jackson has a criminal record in California, Nevada, Arizona and Oregon. Most were for traffic infractions and at least one arson.


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