• 2 cars damaged by falling tree limbs

    By: Joanna Small


    SEATTLE - A tree comes crashing down on top of cars, totaling two and fortunately injuring no one.   It happened last night on the University of Washington's Greek row on 17th Avenue North East near 45th Avenue.

    Alexis Brown had never parked there before, and she'll never park there again-- at least not in this car.

    "I woke up to a text asking what kind of car I had from a classmate and I told him and he was like ‘unfortunately I think a tree limb fell on your car and it's not drivable,’” she explains, standing by her crushed SUV.

    Michael Smith snapped several pictures last night after he heard what happened.  His vehicle is the unscathed red truck right behind Brown's totaled SUV.

    PHOTOS: Tree limbs crush cars near UW Campus

    "I was like ‘OK, I must have done something good for my karma,’” he tells us of his reaction when he learned his truck wasn’t damaged.

    Overnight the limb or limbs  were chopped up and taken off the vehicles, but wood and shattered glass are still everywhere.  KIRO 7 was the only camera there this morning when a tow truck moved the other crushed car in front of Brown's so hers could be towed.

    According to the tow truck driver this is not all that uncommon.  The trees on Greek row are massive and heavy.  Not that long ago he says he responded to another incident on campus where a huge branch had gone right through a parked car's windshield.  No one was hurt that time either but it's scary nonetheless.

    "Someone could have been in them, someone could have been driving by.  They got crushed right where people would have been sitting so it's extremely dangerous, yeah,” Smith says.

    That's why even without a car, Brown is thankful.

    "It could have been a lot worse,” she concludes.

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