• 16 identified as Seattle's most dangerous drivers

    By: Deborah Horne


    SEATTLE - Sixteen people, with nearly 40 outstanding warrants, have been identified by the city as Seattle's most dangerous DUI offenders.
    Only KIRO 7 obtained the list naming the men and women.
    At last count, Seattle issued some 2,000 DUI warrants for people who failed to show up in court.
    But there was no active search to find any of those drivers until City Attorney Pete Holmes directed his staff to find the worst offenders.
    The city attorney’s office narrowed the 2,000 warrants to a list of 16 people.

    See the list of DUI defendants with multiple warrants and  probation conditions here.

    "We want to make sure that these offenders know that we're intending to hold them accountable for these arrests," said Holmes.

    Seattle Police have already arrested two people on the list.

    In the course of our research, we found two people have died and two moved out of state.
    But 10 are still believed to be on Seattle streets.  
    People like 53-year-old Jerry Frederick.
    In Seattle alone, Frederick was charged in three dozen DUI cases, racking up 10 convictions.
    Another man on the list is 45-year-old Bryan Charles Knight.  He has been busted for driving under the influence from Seattle to the South Sound, a whopping 40 times.
    According to court records, 35-year-old Donny Ross' last known address is a West Seattle home. But when we went to the house a woman said Ross no longer lives there.
    Ross has four DUIs dating back to 2005. 

    Seattle's city attorney insists Ross and the others will be caught and prosecuted.
    "This goes to the very heart of what public safety is about," said Pete Holmes.
     We’ll continue to follow this story and keep you posted. 

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