• 140 same-sex couples reserve spots for City Hall wedding ceremonies


    SEATTLE - Seattle City Hall will be the epicenter of joy on Sunday as couples descend on the seat of city government for the first ceremonies since same-sex marriage became legal in Washington state.


    There are 140 couples that have coveted reservations to have their wedding ceremonies inside City Hall, while others have made their own arrangements to be married there as well.


    Bernie Liang and Ryan Hamachek got their marriage license on Thursday, the first day licenses for same-sex couples became available.


    “For me, I was thinking lot about us just starting a family together,” Hamachek said. “It's always been about what can we stand for,” said Liang, “and how can our relationship be about more than just the two of us.”


    They didn’t get one of the reservations for a city hall wedding, but that won’t stop them.


    “We plan on going down and celebrating with everyone else.” Liang said. “We found an officiate so we are still going to follow through on Sunday.”


    Hamachek is anticipating the moment they are married.


    “Just the fact that I'm able to say that my husband is here with me and we're here for each other forever that's just important for me,” Hamachek said. 

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