• 14-year-old hurt in Federal Way shootout


    FEDERAL WAY, Wash. - A 14-year-old was shot Tuesday night and Federal Way police said there are at least four different crime scenes.

     One of the scenes is at 288th Street and 18th Avenue where police are marking two cars that were found abandoned in the intersection when officers arrived.

     Police said there is a lack of details about what happened because those involved are reluctant to talk, including the teen who was shot in the shoulder.

     Investigators said there might have been a large fight and there were three other scenes where they found shell casings from three different guns.  At one of the scenes, hair extensions and a necklace were found.

     Police talked to the group of teens the victim was with, and officers said they had initial doubts about their stories.

     “The group said they were just walking down the street and somebody started shooting at them at random was the first thing they said, and so we looked into it a little bit more and it doesn’t appear to be entirely accurate,” said Federal Way police Cmdr. Casey Jones.

     Detectives continued to question people in area Wednesday morning and nearby neighbors said they heard a lot of commotion before the gunshots were fired.

     “Some of the neighbors said there was a fight ahead of time. There's some hair extensions on the ground, there’s a necklace on the ground that looks like it got ripped off in a fight,” said Jones.

     Police have not identified a suspect.

     The teenager who was shot is expected to be OK.

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