• 14 year old boy arrested for DUI and leading troopers on a chase

    By: David Ham


    BELLINGHAM, Wash. - Washington State Patrol arrested 14-year-old Darren Olsen Jr. on suspicion of driving under the influence, eluding and taking a motor vehicle without the owner's permission.

    Around 6:30 Wednesday morning, a trooper noticed a red Pontiac sedan weaving and going 20 mph under the 50 mph speed limit on Guide Meridian in Bellingham.

    "[The trooper] turned on his emergency lights to try to stop the car just after that car accelerated, got up to about 60 mph and just got off a county road that turned off to kind of a city street area," said Trooper Keith Leary.

    He added that the teen allegedly crashed into four parked cars at a nearby apartment complex before coming to a stop.

    Wilma Olsen said her grandson stole her car.

    "He had to, I didn't give him permission to take it and I didn't know it was gone until police called me," said Olsen.

    Troopers said there was also a 15-year-old, two others, aged 12, and a 53-year-old man inside the car with the 14-year-old at the wheel.

    Troopers say everyone in the car was drunk except for one 12-year-old. 

    "There was no reason why any of these people should have been behind the wheel of an automobile, or drinking for that matter," said Leary.

    Two of the young passengers were taken to St. Joseph hospital for observation.

    We visited the 53-year-old's house to ask him about the crash, but no one came to the door.

    Wilma Olsen said the man is not related to the teen, but couldn't explain the relationship between her grandson and the man.

    Troopers are still investigating if the man or any of the other teens will be charged.

    "The chain of events, who provided the alcohol, where they were drinking --those are things we are still looking into," said Leary.

    Despite the severity of the situation, Olsen believes her grandson is still a good boy.

    "I know he has problems with his mother and all she does is yell at him and tell him he's no good for nothing and kicked him out of the house, so what does that do to a young man?" said Olsen

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