• 13-year-old accused of more violence on King County buses

    By: Henry Rosoff


    SEATTLE - Taurence Salter stepped outside when he heard the screams.

    "It sounds like this woman is just hysterical," he said. "And I see she has her shirt missing."

    Salter caught the aftermath of a sudden attack near a bus shelter off Beacon Avenue South near South Brandon Street. According to a Seattle police report, a person waiting inside the shelter ran toward a woman walking home with her nieces.

    The report said the victim stepped up to protect her family when she was hit in the head. Then the robber ripped off her necklace so violently he took her shirt and bra with it.

    According to another report, about an hour later, a 13-year-old suspect who appeared to be the same person, tried to grab another lady's necklace.

    She was getting on the bus on Martin Luther King Jr. Way South.

    The report said the second victim chased the 13-year-old to his house about two blocks away, but stopped when she came across the dog in his yard. She called police and they arrested 13-year-old Jaqawn Jamison inside.

    "My grandson hadn't been nowhere," said Lorese Jamison, Jaqawn's grandmother. "He hadn't even left the house. He had just got up to start getting dressed."

    Jamison is so far only facing charges for the second robbery on MLK, according to the King County Prosecutor's Office.

    "He is not connected to none of those incidents," the suspect's grandmother insisted.


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