• The 12th man gets ready for Super Bowl Sunday

    By: Deborah Horne


     They are in full beast mode at the Seattle Aquarium.  But this namesake for the Seahawks star running back is the so-called 12th crustacean, Marshawn Pinch by name.
    "I think people really enjoy it," said Tom Carpenter, a Seattle Aquarium curator. I think people really enjoy Marshawn Pinch, for one."
     "That just trips off your tongue, Marshawn Pinch," I said.
     "It does, doesn't it just roll off the tongue?" said Carpenter, smiling.  "It's so nice."
    Tongue was firmly in cheek at the Sandpoint Metropolitan Market Saturday where evidence of the 12th man and woman seemed to be just about everywhere.  Many people were stocking up for the parties they are giving or attending.

    "So looking forward to it, absolutely!" said Susan Spielberg of Seattle. "It's so exciting to have the Seahawks finally in the Super Bowl. We're ready. We're ready for a win."
    Laretta Drake of Shoreline was at Metropolitan ready to buy a 12th man beverage she had heard about. 
    "Everybody said go to Metropolitan," Drake told store manager Mark Marsh.
    There was plenty of beer, but the 12th man wine was sold out.
    "We thought it would be cool to have, to keep," Drake said.  
    "The 12th man wine?" I asked.
      "Yes?" she said.  "Don't you want some?"
      They won't be selling wine or anything else tomorrow at Ethan Stowell's Seattle restaurants. None of his eight restaurants will open for business on Super Bowl Sunday.
      "Typically, even if the 'Hawks aren't playing, it is a dead day," said Cameron Williams, manager of two of Stowell's restaurants.  "That is a dead day - unless you're a bar."
      And the bars -- or, really, any place with a television -- will be overflowing with fans eager to see the Super Bowl.

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