• 12-year old who robbed 2 people at gunpoint says teasing, drugs fueled violence

    By: Lee Stoll


    EVERETT, Wash. - David Radion, who was 12 when he committed the robberies, pleaded guilty to armed robbery at the Denny Juvenile Detention Center in Everett, but his childhood troubles go back to the second grade.

     Court officials who reviewed his case said he’s threatened to shoot teachers and set a school on fire.  His parents wanted another chance to control him at home, but the judge said they don’t deserve it. 

    Radion was in leg chains and a jail jumpsuit as he read his written confession. 

    "I apologize to my family.  I frightened a lot of people by committing these robberies with a gun," he told the judge. 

    Radion’s attorney said the teen cried when he watched himself on security video robbing a convenience store clerk last fall. He also robbed a coffee stand barista and threatened to shoot her in the leg. 

    "I also know I traumatized the victims as well. I'm especially sorry to the two victims," said Radion. 

    Radion said classmates teased him and called him fat. He said his only friend, 16-year-old Filipp Selikov, gave him drugs and a gun. 

    "I was under the influence and he said nothing will happen. I did it and I listened to him and I took a gun and I threatened Mr. Kim," said Radion. 

    Radion’s attorney and his parents offered the judge a lockdown plan to bring him home, including door alarms, GPS tracking and counseling. 

    "His father and I have been working very hard to learn why this happened and how to be better parents," said Radion’s mother. 

    Court officers warned the robberies were part of an escalating pattern, Radion has been repeatedly suspended from school for threats and bullying.

    His parents have only visited him in detention 75 percent of the time.

    Radion broke down, sobbing as Judge Ellen Fair decided he’s better off with officers than with his own family. 

    "The best place for David to learn the skills that he unfortunately missed up to this point is in the secure setting of JRA," said Judge Fair. 

    Judge Fair sentenced Radion to just over four years in detention. Selikov, who also committed a robbery with the same gun, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two to four years in detention.

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