• 12-foot shark found gutted at boat launch near Aberdeen


    ABERDEEN, Wash. - What is believed to be a 12½-foot-long Thresher shark was discovered at a boat launch about two miles up the Wishkah River near Aberdeen, authorities tell KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Richard Thompson.


    The shark appears to have been gutted. Photos show potato chips near the shark's mouth.


    Officials with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife say Thresher sharks like warmer waters, but can be found off our coast from time to time. They are usually much farther off the coast.


    They said it's not legal to catch Thresher sharks. They said it's very unlikely a fisherman hooked the sharks offshore.


    It's unknown if the shark made its way up the river or if it was just dumped at the boat launch. 


    Thresher sharks  are often harvested from gillnets targeting swordfish, according to a NOAA website.  The sharks migrate between the Pacific Northwest coast and the coast off Southern California and Mexico.

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