• $10,000 worth of heroin found stashed in Green Lake bush

    By: Natasha Chen


    Seattle police said a package found in a Green Lake planter Saturday turned out to be heroin worth $10,000.

    Police said someone in the 2100 block of N. 59th Street observed a strange car stopping on the street Thursday, before a man got out of it and searched the planting strip without finding anything.

    Police said the person then saw similar activity Saturday, with a different car pulling up and someone searching the same bush.

    Emily Shackelton, who lives around the corner from North 59th Street, told KIRO 7 the witness even asked the man looking in the bushes if he needed help.

    The man responded ‘no’ and left.

    Shackelton said the witness then told the homeowners across the street that someone had been searching the bushes in front of the home.

    Out of curiosity, they then searched the area and found what turned out to be 113 grams of heroin, according to police.

    Shackelton said she talked to her daughter about what to learn from this: “We talked about seeing people in the neighborhood that we didn’t recognize, paying attention to people doing, having strange behavior.”

    Residents said the activity happened during the day, when children are often playing or people are walking their dogs.

    Diane Skaeels, who grew up in the Green Lake area, said the choice to leave drugs in this location was shocking.

    “There are probably better places around here to stash drugs than this area. There’s just too many people,” Skaeels said.

    Carly Lennstrom, who also lives nearby, agreed.

    Several residents told KIRO 7 they’ll now keep a closer watch on the activity on their streets.

    “People like to raise families,” Lennstrom said of this area, “and I doubt they’d want to raise their family around drug smuggling.”

    As of Sunday night, Seattle police said descriptions of the vehicles and suspects were likely given to detectives but were not immediately available for release to the public.

    KIRO 7 will follow up and update this page if that becomes available. 

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