• 1,000 acres burned as fires merge


    WENATCHEE, Wash. - Fires sparked by lightning prompted new worries and new evacuations as two of those fires have merged and cover at least 1,000 acres.


    The Canyons Fire, burning west of Wenatchee, has merged with the Twin Peaks fire burning further west. 


    Officials said that homes along Number One Canyon Road remain on a Level 3 evacuation notice -- meaning residents should leave because their homes are in imminent danger. 


    “There is potential for the fire to move into Number Two Canyon," said Incident Commander Cecil McKinney.


      As a precaution, he is ordering Level 3 evacuation notices for the 33 homes west of the Gun Club on Number Two Canyon and Stiss Canyon Road.  


    See road closures in the area


    The fire stretches between Canyon number 1 and Canyon number 2 just west of Wenatchee  and southeast of Cashmere.


    As flames rolled downhill toward the Broadview subdivision, burning up grass and sagebrush along the way, those living closest to the fire were told to get out by police.


    "His words were, 'I don't know how much longer you want to stay,'" said Jane Pless-Dalrymple.


    Pless-Dalrymple started packing up the family Bibles and photos as she cared for her elderly father alone.


    Others scrambled to put their sprinklers on to wet down their property or pointed hoses toward their cedar shake roofs.  Jeff and Becky Weber opted to stay with their four kids,  who climbed to the roof of their house to watch the advancing fire.


    "Quite honestly, I don't feel like we're in a huge immediate threat," said  Jeff Weber.


    Weber had confidence in the small army of firefighters that marched into the fire zone. Soon, a bulldozer was spotted cutting a line between the wildfire and Broadview and  a helicopter started dropping buckets of water on the edge of of the fire line.


    As the flames disappeared  and the smoke cleared,  many who had packed up their cars with belongings started to relax and believe the danger had passed.   


    "To me, it looks like the fire is pretty well out and contained," said neighbor Jerry Sallee.


    North of Wenatchee,  another wildfire has forced people from their homes.


    The Byrd Fire continues to burn roughly 5 miles north of Entiat.  The latest estimate puts this fire between 7,500 and 9,000 acres.


    People in three areas near the fire have been ordered to leave their homes.


    FEMA has stepped in, pushing in some funds to Washington to help with the fight.


    No precipitation is in the forecast for the area until Wednesday.

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