10-year-old girl finds hidden camera in library bathroom



DES MOINES, Wash. -  A 10-year-old girl discovered a hidden camera inside of a cardboard box in the bathroom of a Des Moines library.


According to police, the incident happened at the King County Public Library.


KIRO 7 Eyewitness News spoke with Alicia Mendoza, who showed the stall of where the camera was installed.


“I went inside this same exact stall, and you see this stuff here, this was behind the toilet with a camera,” Alicia said. “And it was just videotaping right behind the toilet. I ripped it out, showed it to my mom, and showed it to the librarian, and the librarian showed it to the police.”


According to court documents, the camera was a Blackberry Curve. It was recording when a police officer found it.


The only image of Alicia that was taken was when she removed the camera from the box, said police.


Alicia’s father, Patricio Mendoza, said he thinks the library should do more to keep the bathrooms safe.


“And find out that was the thing? It was a little more sick than normal,” Mendoza said. “I would like to have some cameras and maybe have somebody go and check what’s going in the bathroom once in a while.”


Des Moines police said the incident is a very active investigation and they have no suspects.