• 10 weight loss tips from Marilyn McKenna


    Marilyn McKenna lost 120 pounds and inspired others in her family to follow her success. Here are 10 tips McKenna had for helping others achieve their weight loss goals.

    10. Being overweight or obese doesn’t happen in a vacuum; they happen in the context of families. They must be solved in the context of families.

    9. Nobody can want it for you; you've got to want it for yourself.

    8. I am not a garbage disposal. 

    7. Unhealthy food does not cross my threshold. If you don't buy it, you won't eat it.

    6. Diets with expiration dates don't work.

    5. Your body is a reflection of what you do to it and for it every day. Consistency is key!

    4. Only eat foods that are healthy and that you absolutely love! If you hate salad, don't eat it!

    3. Eat 5 - 6 mini meals per day to combat hunger.

    2. Spend time planning out your meals and your workout schedule on Sunday evening. Then do it!

    1. Your body reflects 80 percent of your diet, 10 percent of exercise, and 10 percent genetics. It really is about what - and how much - you eat.

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