1 killed, 4 injured in Highway 2 crash

by: Linzi Sheldon Updated:


INDEX, Wash. - Washington State troopers say a man driving with a pregnant woman in his passenger seat is to blame for a horrific two-vehicle crash east of Index.

The crash killed him and injured that woman as well as three other people Saturday afternoon.

Stephanie Olson and her family had just left a campsite when they came upon the immediate aftermath of the crash.

She pulled out her first aid kit and started running.

She found 22-year-old Miroslavay Chernyak in the passenger seat of a Mercedes sedan.

"She was very far along pregnant," she said. "I kept thinking of the baby being born soon and not having a dad."

Troopers said 22-year-old Denis Sokolik from Federal Way was behind the wheel of the Mercedes, heading westbound.

Olson says multiple drivers said he was speeding.

"How fast did they say?" KIRO 7 asked.

"Up to a 100 mph," Olson said.

"Swerving in between cars?" KIRO 7 asked.

"Yes," she said.

Troopers say Sokolik crossed the double line in a curve and crashed into a pickup truck.

Olson says Chernyak called him her husband-- and wanted to talk to him. She was not aware he had died.

"[She was] just crying-- she said her head was fuzzy," Olson said. "I used the first aid kit to try to clean the blood off of her hands, off of her chest, off of her face because she had cut her chin."

Inside the pickup were three men from East Wenatchee, ages 54, 64, and 70. They were transported to Harborview Medical Center. Two of them are listed in serious condition; the other is not listed.

Olson found Chernyak's phone and called her family, then waited for paramedics.

She said Chernyak's family told her Sunday that Chernyak had a baby boy and both are doing well.

Troopers said they are still investigating.